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It is sadly clear that many business owners, freelancers, but also very big and international companies do not think about design as a crucial aspect and asset for their businesses.

This is happening for different reasons: they might, for example, think they are doing "good enough", so there is no desire to grow more; they might think a different visual identity wouldn't bring any further development; they might think it is not wise to invest in a better design if things are not going as well as expected, but they prefer to invest in more structures, or tools, or anything else.

We are not saying that a better design is going to be the one and only saviour of a business, because it is not true, but we clearly and deeply  believe that a better visual identity, better designs for products and public image in general are going to definitely increase your chances to do better, to look more professional, more appealing and more efficient, and unique, in a very competitive market!


Design is important because it helps you in better and more efficiently communicating with your clients, and the is because a good design is:

1) IMMEDIATE: it avoids long explanations, and immediately communicates a brand, a concept, a feeling, a mood, and it can direct your attention and your focus in milliseconds towards the key points.

A good example for this could be the Nike logo, think about it: when you see it, you immediately know what it is about, you think sport, you think activities, you know a series of things that are related to this sport brand, and it works in just milliseconds!

2) REPRESENTATIVE: your brand visual identity is you. A design should be unique, so that you will be recognizable among many others, also when they are covering your exact same area. Let's take another example: you see two "golden arches" and you not only know it's a fast food, but you know it's Mc Donald's, you see a white haired man on a red background, you know it's Kentucky Fried Chicken. And even though we will now stop with the examples for now, you surely have, automatically, thought about other examples by yourself, and this is another proof of how representative and memorable are good designs.

3) LOVED BY PEOPLE: let's face it, people love nice designs, it doesn't matter if they are colorful or monochrome, they just have to be well done! It will not be surprising to you if I ask you to think about one of your average day, at home or while you have a walk: you immediately realise that you are surrounded by designs and graphics of all kinds, and they work! You will be, more or less consciously, directed to go to one place, to choose one product over another, also because a good design will attract you over another one.

4) MEMORABLE: when it's well realized, a good design, or a good logo, are memorable, they will stick to your mind and be with you as long as possible!

5) ONE OF YOUR BEST ASSETS: because of of these previous reasons, a good design is one of the best assets for businesses: it will help you standing out among competitors, and it will be a huge help and boost for your sales and for your reputation.


Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Senz



If you are new to the business, or you are approaching new potential customers, your "public face" will be your identity design: the way you show yourself to your public, the way you want to catch their attention and to convince them to stay a little bit longer on your pages to read more about you and your products.

A well designed "public face" will convince your public way before they will even know about your actual offer!

It might sound a bit weird, but so it is!

Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Senz


One of the other key factors that contributes to your success, is consistency: you should keep a personal "design signature" all over your projects: this can be obtained by:

1) recurring colors

2) recurring fonts

3) recurring shapes/patterns

Use these expedients over time, do not keep changing them and, when smartly used, they will transform the word "recurring" into "recognizable" so, basically, it will be part of your brand identity, and people will start associating it with your own brand, automatically.

Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Senz


Whether you like it or not, things are moving, evolving, and getting boring pretty quickly nowadays, so you need to have very fast working convincing  tools, and design is one of them.


This is because a well done design will be able to communicate in seconds your main characteristics and main focus points. Once you gave these main information to your clients (or potential clients), they might think it's worth it to read more into details.

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