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A complete and step by step guide, from beginner to expert, to improve your Northern Lights photography skills. Written by a professional photographer, who lives in the Arctic, and with a 12 years long experience as a Northern Lights photographer. This book includes a detailed guide with EXAMPLES, frequently asked questions (FAQs), PHOTOS and ILLUSTRATIONS, to make it very easy to understand how this kind of night photography works.

Thus, in this book you will not only find the just mentioned features, but you will also get a complete overview regarding the planning of your excursion, starting from the choice of the places to go, how to interpret and use the weather informations, and much more!

Preorder it at a discounted price of 7.99$ on Amazon now; preorders support my work, and allow me to start producing more new contents, based also on your requests and suggestions. The price will increase after the release day, get it now!


The book will be available from July 27, and if you purchase it now digitally, it will be automatically downloaded on you compatible devices (basically every device where you can download the free kindle app) the release date. Thank you for you support, and don’t forget to spread the voice!

If you are not using, you can find the same book on the Amazon store connected to your country.

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