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Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Copi

We got contacted to create a new company's Brand Identity; the name of this new company is "Mamma Netta" (sometimes also listed as "Le creazioni di Mamma Netta").

This company produces homemade, handcrafted clothes for newborns and toddlers, and handcrafted baby projects in general (for example dolls, frames with illustration and similar).

The request was for a playful, but at the same time elegant, modern, clean, dynamic, and minimalist logo, and it had to represent or at least implement an elephant in it.


The plan started with a very quick sketch of an elephant, using a rectangular grid (a squared one was considered not optimal, to avoid getting "bulky" shapes, we wanted to avoid perfect-circles-based shapes this time).

This is the most messy part of the process, the following image summarise with few images something that took much more steps, just to give you the idea; starting from the first sketch, notes are taken to discard and to save what has to be left behind or kept for further improvements.

Eventually, non symmetric lines were chosen to get a more dynamic effect, while perfectly rounded shapes would have given a more static effect.

During this process, we particularly keep in touch with the clients to give constant updates and to discuss details of what is being created, so that there will not be a waste of time fon anyone at the end.

Copia di Copia di Copia di Senza titolo

At the end of this process, we decided to go with the following logo:

Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Copi


This company is crafting hand made products, and sending them around the world; the use of wrapping paper is very common, so it was useful to get some good ideas for having a recognizable wrapping paper as well, and this is one of the many cases when a defined and easy recognizable pattern, linked to your brand, comes in handy.

The next image shows a very brief concept behind the pattern produced, and why it went this way.

Later on this same page, you will also find a graphical example of this pattern in use.

Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Copi


Once we got the final (or close to final) version of the design, it was time to think about typography: how should the name of the company appear on the logo?
Sometimes is good to use licensed fonts, sometimes is more efficient to start from scratch and handwriting is the best option. We decided to stick to fonts this time, as we aimed to amore modern looking but yet classic results.

The next image gives you a few examples of some of the fonts that has been tested, including the one that we choose as our the final selection; we went for a more modern looking font, with a hint of "playfulness", to stay loyal to the request for a "modern and clean looking logo", keeping in mind that this company produces goods for newborn, so we didn't want to go too much austere.

fonts small.jpg


Providing mock-ups to our clients is a key factor to give them a good practical idea of the real-world uses for their logos and designs. In this case we provided a quite big variety of mock-ups, and here you will find some of them to get a taste of what we can do for your company too.


This is a mock-up for a press-printed logo, as an example for bigger cardboard labels or business card, letters and more.

label test.jpg

This is a mock-up to show the readability of the logo itself at different dimensions, useful especially for smaller labels.

paper wrap 2.jpg

This mock-up serves as an example for a possible use of the logo and pattern on a wrapping paper.

This is a very useful mock-up to show how a business card could look like, several are offered to the client, one shown here. This initially included also the name "Mamma Netta", but we decided to discard it from here, as we thought the logo itself was strong enough to represent the company.

business card.jpg


Once we got all the rest of the job done, it is time to see some possible variations of the logo, mainly we will present different color options, especially focusing on black and white versions. This is because these versions are very useful for two reasons: if the logo still works in black and white is a good confirmation that the logo works, and last but not least, especially the black version, will be very useful for "fast prints", basically every documents is usually printed to be also copied (most common examples: invoices).

Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Copi
Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di LANETTA PRESENTAZIONE.png

This was just a summary of what we can do for you, of course every case is unique and you will get a custom plan made just for you, based on your requests and needs!

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