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pay for a design?

"Why should I pay for a design?", this is one of the most common and frequent questions we get asked. Surely you can find the answer online, and it is understandable why, since you can find free resources on the net. 


Well, there are reasons, of course, why you should at least think about paying for a design, and of course you will decide what is best for you; let’s try to consider a few things to better understand what happens when you need a design, and you look for free resources.

The following image gives you a quick overview of the main differences in value that a free and a paid design have; let's have a look, and don't forget to read what follows for further details about this topic!

Senza titolo 51.jpg

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As anticipated, we can now dive a little bit more into a deeper overview of these points:


1) Free design simply can't offer a tailored product for you and your business, and the quality will always be lower than a custom service; this is because of several reasons, as you will also see in the following points.


2) Free designs are not made by professionals, at least in the vast majority of cases.


3) There is no variety and no variability in the offers, this is obvious because you can use a limited amount of recycled assets to create your design.


4) For the reason just mentioned, you will get a "more of the same", so your design will look similar, if not the same, as many other, with zero level of personality, and zero use for your brand/buisiness (read as: no brand identity, you are just one in the ocean).


5) What you get is not yours, you just get a general design, but many thousands can use exactly the same.


6) Is it really free? Very often you get some free trials, and than you have to pay to either get more contents (still not unique and not made for you), or you get some subscription plan to get a "pro" version.


7) It is very likely that you will get very poor quality and small JPG files, and no more than this, something with almost no use at all.


Last but not least, remember that when you pay a professional, you are supporting a person who studied, put a lot of efforts to work specifically for you, who has monthly costs (usually quite high) for softwares, formation, and is using time of his/her life to do something meaningful for you.


When you go to free resources, you are getting (optimistically speaking) a lower-than-average product, supporting maybe some big industry (which is not a bad thing per se) which doesn't actually take care specifically about you (and not because it's evil, but because you are just one of the many thousands customers they serve, all at the same time).


Eventually, this will be your choice anyway, so, choose wisely!

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