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Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Senz



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The Nevra Arts "motto" is "We Keep It Simple", but why?


The answer is easy, we believe that "the simpler the better", but do not underestimate this sentence, and let's try together to understand it, to avoid to "oversimplify the simplicity"...



We want to achieve something with low complexity, but can still communicate something very complex as, for example, a brand identity in its whole, a message, something strongly related to a company. Something that you see, and you immediately know what it is all about.

This means that the goal we should aim to is the "best result with the minimum complexity". This is simply because simplest shapes are easier to remember and to understand, if the job is well done.

To be clear, it is of course not enough to simplify shapes to get a working design, but the aim of a good designer is to achieve that perfect balance.

Take a look at the following (bad) logo design example:

Copia di Senza titolo 30.png

This is a logo of a small young company that wanted to deliver an image of alternative, funny and young style, with a "crazy hint", and the target of the company are young people. The one you just saw here above, was the first version of their logo, based on their sketches, and in the next section you will find our solution, based on a specific study process, which made it more efficient and memorable. 



The logo you just saw is clearly too chaotic, it has so many useless elements included that it is even hard to understand what the actual logo is. We understand that the intuition here was to use colors and funny elements to recreate a message of some sort of madness and to be funny at the same time, but we do not think the goal was achieved in a proper and professional way. So let's have a look together what we have done, and how we reached what we considered a way more efficient, and more professional result.

Copia di Senza titolo 30.png


Copia di Senza titolo 27.png

... TO THIS !

The very first question that we asked to ourselves was "is there a real need to have all of this things and colors in the logo, to achieve the feelings that this company was to achieve?".

Our approach is, as mentioned, "the less the better" so, according to this, we started to ask to ourselves "is this aspect of this logo necessary to achieve the goals that this company wants to achieve?" and, if not, "can we achieve them in a most effective way?".

The following are the key steps we took to arrive to the final result, that we consider way more appealing and functional for this company.

Copia di Senza titolo 30.png

This logo is clearly poorly efficient, it has too many colors, to many symbols and shapes, it's complex, in a word, it is chaotic, and it will mainly represent this, chaos. And we don't want this, not in this case at least!

Copia di Senza titolo 28.png

We start by removing the surrounding circle, does removing effect in any negative way the logo? No, it was a useless decoration, and it didn't comunicate anything in this case, so we can go on.

Copia di Senza titolo 29.png

Those stars, in our opinion, were only a repetition of the rainbow, there was no meaning in them, no connection with the brand message, we can remove it!

Copia di Senza titolo 25.png

In all honesty, also the rainbow has no connection with the company itself, or with the feeling they wanted to deliver, if colors are meant to bring "craziness", we could achieve if differently, as we will se later.

Copia di Senza titolo 26.png

We are approaching a cleaner version, we changed the mouth and the eyes to give them the "crazy hint" they wanted to have, but we still feel there is too much complexity in it, we can do better.

Copia di Senza titolo 27.png

Here we are, removed the long tentacles, gave them a much more minimalist appeal, and the longest and curved one give a unique touch to the octopus, so that is even easier to remember, and still a bit crazy, youthful, alternative.

This final version of the logo fits easier to many other circumstances, thanks to its minor complexity it captures easier your full attention, it's easier to remember, to print also on smaller merchandise, and it is possible to print it in different colors or gradient if desired, so that they could use also the "rainbow concept" if so desired. 

Here are some examples of the same logo, recoloured, in case it has to be used on different background:

Copia di Senza titolo 31.png

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